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The NAPPA Program

The NAPPA Program (North American Partnership Program for Academies™) is a school partnership program currently implemented by Alexandria Professional® across North America. The body sugaring education program, designed to give beauty schools a cost effective advantage for teaching hair removal, has been a natural progression.

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Why join the NAPPA Program?

A Simple and Cost Effective Startup

  • Implementing the NAPPA Program is a simple startup that takes only 3-4 sessions!
  • AP Educator will be there to assist your Instructor(s) until they feel completely confident and comfortable in teaching the AP Classes and Systems
  • Free ongoing support to our academy partners
  • Free webinars from corporate as well as one on one assistance whether for technical or business related issues.

Informative and Educational Classes

  • Advanced Body Sugaring Certification
  • Advanced Speed Sugaring
  • The Perfect Brow
  • Successful Spa Treatments using Dead Sea Salt Glow
  • Successful Spa Treatments using Hungarian Wellness Mud®
  • Speed KiSS Waxing™
  • The Perfect Bikini
  • Master Facial Sugaring
  • Full Circle of Skin Conditioning
  • Refreshers
  • AP Product Knowledge
  • AP Product Chemistry Knowledge

Discounts, Points, Perks and Benefits

  • 30% Off Wholesale Products
  • NACCAS Approved Courses
  • As a Beauty Academy, you can market your hair removal division as 100% safe, sanitary, and hygienic.
  • FREE Instructors Training and Upgrading
  • Earn products and promotional events as part of the AP NAPPA rewards program!

Current NAPPA Schools in North America

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Body Sugaring for all Skin Types
Body Sugaring for all Skin Types
Body Sugaring for all Skin Types
Body Sugaring for all Skin Types

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